Monday, 23 May 2016

Cardiff Classic Show 2016

The clouds were threatening and the skies were grey, but there was a bit of sun in the sky as well so it was not long before we were going to see a rainbow. 

Of course when you park most old Land Rovers on some wet ground that is the inevitable result.

But it was not long before the sun came out and we could start admiring the new blue covers for the spotlights that I have on Katy to reflect how she would have been in service. 

I tried not to be too antisocial

Of course we were there with the South Wales Land Rover Club and the team did their normal excellent job of getting the marquee up and getting the kettle on so we could offer a real sense of hospitality to those who came along and maybe even persuade some of the Land Rover Owners to join us,

Talking of which I was really pleased to see my first Carmichael TACR Range Rover which parked up alongside the club stand and we made every effort to feel welcome  

TACR stands for Truck Aircraft Crash rescue and you can read all about them on the TACR register web site 

It really is a beast of a Range Rover with the extra pair of wheels and truly visibly outstanding with its brand new red paint job

Like Katy it had fully functional blue lights and sirens. It pleases the child in me if not everyone else 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Katy in Green

This is a very clean and new looking Katy taken alongside a set of civilian ambulances on what looks like a parade ground. It has been suggested this could have been during an ambulance drivers strike in 1989-1990

If you recognise the place or the event and know where or when it was taken I would love to hear from you via either the comments form or the email contact form on the right of the blog

I do not normally post pictures that I am not sure about the provenance of, but I am doing this in the hope that someone may see it and be able to help me, and I am very willing to remove it from this post if the owner does find it and is not happy for me to show it in this context

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

This is the BBC calling...

Whoever fitted the centre console cubby box did me no favours.

The radio aerial wasn't connected and the bolt holding it down were underneath part of the box frame

After about an hour cutting and felting I was able to plug it in..

Now after all those years the BBC can be heard

(in terms of impartiality I should point out that other radio stations are available)

Friday, 6 May 2016

New Roof, New MOT, New start

Old metal rusts...

I'd spotted a small hole and some rust patches on the floor of Katy and so did the MOT tester. so 2 new patches and she's right as rain and ready to go.

Talking of rain ...

We had some right disasters with the roof last year with the leak at the start of the year meaning a complete rebuild and then it leaked again, and then again...

So I stripped it out again and then with both of us working a lot at the moment and not getting time to play we decided the best thing was to take Katy to an expert and therefore she has just come back from Newport Caravans where she has had a new skylight fitted and a new inner roof

Hopefully that's it sorted properly now and we can be off to have a lot of fun!

Friday, 18 March 2016

"Blue Light" Adventures

My friend Dave helped me again with some work on the electrics today

It was quite a successful day before it stated getting cold so we decided to halt and do a test of the new features. The reversing camera cables were run underneath the vehicle and in through an existing gromit in the battery bx and then up to the plate I had fitted to hold the screen. A switch was added as we used a feed from the leisure battery rather than messing with wiring to the ignition

The reversing camera works just as expected ..

The connections to the leisure battery and camera were all tidied up ..

The Fog lights work  just as expected ..

The Spotlights however have been wired into a spare switch on the dashboard and when we turned them on this was the result (Click the picture or the link below)

Blue Lights Video

That will be great for car shows, but we will need to make an adjustment before they are useful at other times. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Patrick and Jenny's Barn Find

Howdy folk... 

Travelling in the US you never know what you will find, and as I sat inside Uncle Viniie's Clam Bar in Raritan NJ I was pleased to see this little beauty pulling up outside.

The owners seemed pleased to see a kindred spirit so we spent a few moments exchanging information about our shared passion for Land Rovers before we all went back into what is reputed to be one of the best places in town to go and eat. 

Well folk, It looks a "mighty fine soft top" and well suited to the warm evening we were sharing

One of the really nice things about Land Rovers is when you find someone in a strange place the people driving it are almost certainly nice people 

I hope you had a nice meal folk....

Friday, 4 March 2016

Do Land Rovers Dream of Electric Sheep Part 1

It was a bright sunny morning today which was excellent news because I had taken up a friends offer of help. Last year at the Margam car show Dave Kilburn kindly offered to help me sort out the electrics I wanted to do on Katy.

Dave had been an Auto Electrics instructor in the RAF so was the absolutely perfect person to help with this sort out.

To set the scene Katy has three sets of Electrics

  1. Normal Land Rover Electrics
  2. Military Electrics
  3. Camper Electrics
The problem is that some were disconnected when she came out of service and some were cross linked when she was converted to a camper. back when we first had her the lights were so unreliable I had to spend quite a bit to get the basic Land Rover lighting sorted out 

Since then we decided in the Alps that we needed more lights as a backup as one failed on us but then was working again - spots and fogs are not strictly needed at the speed we go, but are valuable backup to the main lights. The trouble was which switch works which ? 

there were cables at the front from previously fitted lamps, but no power in the wires so Dave and I started our investigations and quickly identified that without power to the military fuse box none of the yellow (military) wires worked

Once we did it we were able to take a close look at the switches and identify what switch worked which wires

Soon they were labelled up and ready to go

Then whilst I drilled and ran a proper cable to that fuse box, Dave made a start sorting out the mess behind the passenger seat put in as a prior project and removes about half of the rats nest in the following picture 

And all of this mess

One downside - it seems the large Solar Panel is not working which needs to be investigated as the leisure battery will run down as it's not connected to the main battery any more 

So we decided to end the day on a high and Dave kindly wired up one of the spots and one of the fogs whilst I drilled some holes and prepared cables with spiral wrap and he connected them up and we were able to finish with 2 working new lights 

A really successful day and I could not have done it without his expertise 

BTW the power to the Military box has one very non subtle addition... Nee Naww,, Nee Naw.. strictly for use at shows only of course

Thanks Dave !

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